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Whether you’re building an application for an enterprise solution or an IoT device for a startup, T-Mobile DevEdge will empower you to see it through to completion. And if our network capabilities can give you an edge, we want to connect you to them. We can help you get your device ready for our network or to find the right modules, chips, and devices that work best for building on our network.

Here’s how we can help.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Getting your IoT device ready for our network can be as simple as using pre-certified devices, chips, and modules—meaning you can accelerate your go-to-market timing and show off your concept sooner rather than later. If your device is complete and the hardware is not already certified, we can help you through the certification process.


We’re creating simple paths for developers to connect to our leading network for building new IoT solutions. You can order our IoT Developer Kit today and start building as soon as it arrives. We’re also creating other ways for you to build on our network and utilize its capabilities, including our SIM Starter Kit, coming soon.

Coming soon

More ways to connect

Be on the lookout as we launch new offerings and enhanced platform functionality, including:
New APIs
A community for developer collaboration
5G services
Communications Platform as a Service
SIM Starter Kit
Easier, clearer certification processes
IoT device managment tools
Products based on your ideas

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