Safe and simple app testing in the real world IS possible. Get after it.
At T-Mobile’s 5G Edge Lab, we simplify the development process by managing the setup and customizing a secure environment on our edge.
At T-Mobile’s 5G Edge Lab, we simplify the development process by managing the setup and customizing a secure environment on our edge.
Say goodbye to the grueling process of configuring a new environment for testing. At T-Mobile’s 5G Edge Lab, we give you time back to focus on the important part—learning whether your concept will work as intended when you take it to market.
The 5G Edge Lab, located in the Seattle, Washington area, is a customizable, container-based environment where developers can prototype their applications in a secure, standalone, low-latency sandbox. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to bypass the rigor involved with testing—installing software, setting up authentication between all the apps and software, ensuring security compliance… the list goes on. Just bring your environment configurations and your code to T-Mobile, and we’ll take it from there.
How it works
We want to make sure the 5G Edge Lab is the right choice for your testing project. Following is an overview of our process.
We review your project details and requirements.
Fill out a brief questionnaire to help us determine if your app is a good fit with our lab. Note that low latency works best in the Seattle area.
We customize a container on our edge.
Our team spools up a virtual containerized environment where you can load your code securely without impacting others.
You test your app for up to six months.
Access the code base via a secure VPN. Test over the internet from Seattle and/or collaborate with others virtually from anywhere in the world.
Go to market with confidence your app is ready.
Once testing is complete and your app perfected, we drop the container so no data or IP is retained.
Start questionnaire
Types of projects that fit best with the 5G Edge Lab
The 5G Edge Lab at T-Mobile has been used for testing various apps, mostly as part of the Open Innovation Lab and T-Mobile Accelerator programs. Now, we want to open the doors to others who can benefit from its capabilities. Following are a few examples of the projects that fit the best with our offering.
Testing will take place in Seattle.
Since the 5G Edge Lab is located in the Seattle, Washington area, the low-latency benefits will be best in Greater Seattle.
App collaborators are dispersed around the country or world.
Collaborators on the app can operate from virtually anywhere in the world to upload code to your custom container, as long as the testing itself is happening near Seattle.
The app involves live streaming.
The low-latency performance at the 5G Edge Lab provides an ideal environment for testing drone, gaming, and virtual reality apps.
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