We push boundaries as a practice.

Developing innovative solutions for business has never been a clear path, but T-Mobile DevEdge is here to change that. We’re building a platform specifically for developers to foster inventive ideas and community collaboration, but without the barriers that often slow you down. We invite you to harness key capabilities of T-Mobile’s data-rich network to augment your applications and products.

On our platform, you can:

On our platform, you can:

Access hundreds of pre-certified modules, chipsets, and devices for faster IoT certification.

Leverage APIs that unlock powerful network data and IoT insights.

Contribute ideas for new solutions and platform features that would simplify the development process.

Use real-time network data to tackle challenges like fraud prevention, call verification, and billing integration.

Connect with T-Mobile’s 5G Edge Lab to see if it’s a good testing environment for your new business app.

We’re ready to connect you to our network.

Enterprise Solutions

At T-Mobile DevEdge, we’re helping developers tap into T-Mobile’s network capabilities to reimagine the possibilities for business success. We are working toward cultivating the country’s first 5G developer ecosystem which, at its foundation, will embolden customer collaboration and 5G for all.

Internet of Things

Find out how we can save you time on developing your IoT device.

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