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DevEdge IoT Developer Kit
Our one-of-a-kind CAT-M kit is easy to use, connects you directly to the T-Mobile network in minutes, and offers extensive design capabilities by using a separate processor from the modems plus an adaptable SDK and software architecture.
The kit comes with a SIM card preloaded with 500 MB of data.
Simply switch on your IoT Developer Kit, insert the SIM, and activate your connectivity via your T-Mobile DevEdge account.
Our device enables you to start development right away.
The components within the device are already T-Mobile-certified, so you can skip the process of finding modules or components that will work with our network. You can start prototyping right out of the box.
Enjoy open software and hardware.
You can freely use our software and hardware designs to develop your own product, no licensing or copyright permissions required.
Access T-Mobile’s network capabilities via the Kit with free T-Mobile APIs.
Available APIs include SMS Notification, and Location. Device Notification API coming soon!
Discover new and innovative ways to connect to our network.
SIM Starter Kit
If you want to build on a device or kit you already own, get a SIM preloaded with data to connect to our network.
More APIs
Choose from a wide range of APIs, including device management tools, to build, test, and manage your devices on the T-Mobile network.
Network as a Service
Work directly with T-Mobile to find the right type of connectivity that works with your solution.
Explore our powerful lineup of network technology options
Leverage the network technology to support the specific needs of any IoT application—now and as you grow. Our lineup includes NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE and 5G.
Massive IOT
Massive IOT
Agricultural monitoring
Smart meters
Industrial sensors
Smart building
Asset tracking
Low complexity, power, speed, and cost
Mission-critical iot
Mission-critical iot
Fleet management
Smart lighting
Connected vehicles
Real-time surveillance
Autonomous vehicles
Industrial automation
Scaling up high performance, mobility, and reliability
Used by many loT solutions today, LTE is designed for feature-rich loT applications that require higher data speeds, such as fleet management and asset tracking.
Narrowband loT (NB-loT) is best when a vast number of static devices need extended battery life and a reliable signal for sending small amounts of data intermittently.
Offering the largest and fastest network speed, 5G is optimized for mission-critical solutions that depend on a near real-time-data while requiring a high degree of reliability.
LTE-M is ideal for a large number of mobile devices that need long battery life and connection times but send small data amounts infrequently.

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