DevEdge helps developers cultivate innovative IoT ideas.

‘It’s not what you do, but what you are becoming.’ – Dean Kamen


The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened the door to countless possibilities in science and technology and beyond.

Gartner forecasts there will be more than 17.6 billion IoT devices connected by 2030. T-Mobile has years of experience in IoT, and through DevEdge we will expand our contributions by simplifying IoT development.

We believe the sky is the limit when it comes to building new applications and products, but we also recognize the many roadblocks that present themselves along the way. Our role is to help you find the right devices to use and guide you through certification.


Imagine the IoT devices you could create.

Here are just a few examples of IoT devices you could build using pre-certified IoT hardware, our IoT Developer Kit coming this summer, and other devices you may already have.

device type 1

Connected appliances

Help save time and allow the control of connected appliances from afar—from scheduling them to power on/off to monitoring performance.

device type 2

Smart security systems

Set up security alerts and camera footage access from afar, while also controlling door locks and lights.

device type 3

Autonomous farming equipment

Help improve farmers productivity and efficiency by ensuring more precise planting, spraying, and harvesting.

device type 4

Wearable health monitors

Provide critical monitoring and diagnostic insights to prevent and treat health problems.

device type 5

Smart factory equipment

Help improve operations by automating factory machinery and equipment, plus collect and analyze data for informed decision-making and optimizing production.

device type 6

Wireless inventory trackers

Track assets from multiple locations while increasing business efficiency, improving the quality of service, and collecting data for future planning.

device type 7

Biometric cybersecurity scanners

Develop a security scanner based on biometrics; for the end user, their biometrics cannot be lost or forgotten nor stolen like a password or key.

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