5G Location Services


Tap into our 5G network and cellular-based location technology for precise asset tracking.

The accuracy of asset tracking devices is critical to gain the full advantages of the technology—it helps optimize efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer and employee satisfaction, and more.

T-Mobile DevEdge introduces our 5G Location Services, a growing set of solutions to support asset tracking applications and IoT devices. Unlike most other location-tracking solutions, ours processes data in the cloud—opposed to on a device—which delivers more accurate location and conserves power. This is particularly benefitial when using resource-constrained devices. Also unique to our solution is the ability to track resources indoors, outdoors, and globally on any network whereas many other services lose track of assets once they go indoors and are often constrained by geographic and network limitations.

We offer two 5G Location APIs with different levels of accuracy so you can choose which fits best with your IoT device. Backed by our leading 5G network, our APIs are designed to leverage your device’s cellular modem and connection and our cloud backend to deliver location to your existing applications.

5G Precise Location

The greatest level of accuracy is delivered through the 5G Precise Location API. This solution is compatible with 4G and 5G IoT cellular profiles, including those based on LTE-M and T-Mobile-certified devices that leverage a compatible chipset.

5G Location

This API is also compatible with 4G and 5G IoT cellular profiles and can be used with any device. So, if you're not able to use a 5G Precise Location compatible chipset you can still take advantage of high-level accuracy for your application.

5G Location and Precise Location capabilities.

The most accurate cellular location, 4G to 5G.

We’re combining leading cellular technology with our 5G network to deliver unparalleled accuracy.

Enables cellular continuity.

Gain end-to-end, universal asset visibility onsite and as it leaves the building to be transported to its next destination.

Simple software integration.

This simple, software-only solution enables rapid, scalable, and flexible deployment options.

Highest security control.

The edge-to-cloud architecture empowers app providers and end users with a new standard of security control, effectively democratizing location.

IoT power efficiency

Cloud based technology drastically reduces the size, cost, and power requirements for tracked devices.

Location Services use cases

The benefits of 5G Location Services are boundless.

Implement our 5G Location APIs into your IoT applications to optimize business operations, product offerings, or customer experiences. The following are just a few examples of what you could do with it.

Increase supply chain visibility.

Track assets indoors, outdoors, and in transit in real time. Set trigger-based actions to respond to issues before they disrupt your supply chain.

Ensure wheeled assets are where they’re needed.

Track pallet jacks, dollies, and carts using mobile IoT trackers that can work for years without being charged.

Build a smarter work site.

Monitor the location of tools and equipment so workers no longer need to manually search for them. This can save hundreds of hours in lost productivity.

Seamlessly track assets at manufacturing plants.

Locate important machinery and manpower on the manufacturing floor and track assets wherever they travel from manufacturing through distribution and to the end user.

5G Location Services coming later this year.

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5G Location Services coming later this year.

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