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Authenticating phone calls is a necessity.

Scam calls in the United States caused a total loss of 19.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, according to Statista. Protect your call centers and customers from fraud and spoofing with T-Mobile DevEdge Call Verification API, which allows businesses to verify inbound call activity from T-Mobile customers to a toll-free number.

In real time, you can reach out to a T-Mobile API and instantly confirm that an inbound caller is currently connected to your toll-free number. Call Verification protects against call fraud and spoofing, saving your business money and giving your verified customers a first-rate customer experience.

Call Verification API capabilities


Add a layer of verification for inbound callers using real-time carrier data to detect and prevent fraud.

Reliable, carrier-backed data

Rely on network signals to confirm that the device is connected to a registered toll-free number.

Use case

A fraudster calls a T-Mobile customer’s bank from a mobile device impersonating the customer. The fraudster, using various tactics, falsifies the call information, and results in the bank representative seeing spoof caller ID information that they believe pertains to the bank’s customer. Believing that their customer is actually making the call, the representative grants access to the customer’s bank account.

With the Call Verification API, businesses can verify whether the customer is in an active call with the call center by sending the T-Mobile MSISDN (phone number) along with the call center phone number (1-800 number) to T-Mobile. T-Mobile will provide a real-time response of Yes or No, indicating whether the T-Mobile customer is on a call with the call center. Businesses will find out immediately if it’s caller ID spoofing and can then decide whether to require additional authentication to ensure the actual account holder is trying to access the account.

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Send us these attributes to verify a call. Our pricing is straightforward at $0.02 per call.



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