Fraud Prevention


Detect fraud before it’s an issue.

Online fraud presents a material threat to individuals, corporations, and the broader economy, especially as mobile transactions are quickly becoming mainstream. According to LexisNexis, the cost of fraud for U.S. retail and ecommerce merchants, for instance, rose 15% in 2020 compared to 2019—every $1 of fraud cost these businesses $3.60.

The increase in mobile purchasing activity has led to growing fraud, escalating the need for new and improved fraud detection capabilities. Wireless carrier data has proven to be valuable in identifying potential fraud events.

Fraud Prevention by T-Mobile DevEdge is a collection of APIs that helps businesses detect fraud incidents through account and SIM verification, SIM change activity, routing verification, account change activity, and additional data points. Your organization will have access to a rich set of encrypted wireless data to identify suspicious activities and prevent fraud. And you are able to request individual data attributes or bundle the ones you need—see our pricing sheet under Resources for more details.

Six Fraud Prevention APIs available

Provide a mobile IP address, device ID, MSISDN (cell phone number), and/or CRM information and receive actionable data via the following available APIs:

Account Verification

Receive fraud scores for such data attributes as account type, primary account holder, service activation date, and subscriber status.

Account Status Changes

Scores include the last mobile number change date, subscriber status change date, last name change date, and last billing address change date.

Customer Verification

Get confirmation of the customer’s name (first and last), billing address, and email address.

Routing Verification

Receive routing verification scores including call-forwarding and roaming indicators.

Header Enrichment

We send the encrypted phone number for cross-referencing or requesting additional data to verify the end user identity and provide fraud and risk indicators.

Device SIM Verification

We send fraud scores for IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) activation and change dates, SIM activation and change dates, device lost/stolen Indicator, and device lost/stolen date..

Interactive documentation summary

Our advanced documentation outlines the requirements for integration into our APIs with the goal of getting you set up and calling our APIs as quickly as possible.

Once subscribed, you will have access to our full knowledge base, including:

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  • Schemas

What data can I access?

All fraud signals provided come in a scored format.

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