Brand your customer calls so they feel confident in answering.

Many businesses still depend on reaching customers by phone to effectively serve them and drive business revenue. But, in today’s world, 84% of all calls go unanswered, leaving your customers inadequately served and your business development stalled.*

Take control of your telecommunications by branding your company’s calls. T-Mobile DevEdge offers Inform, an advanced form of caller ID, which removes the random number your customer sees and instead shows them your brand name or department. When customers know it’s you on the other end of the line, they answer.

9 out of 10 people

only answer calls they can identify.*

Businesses using Inform are seeing game-changing results.*

Up to 2X increase in call answer rates

Conversion and revenue growth

Quick resolution of customer issues

Improved customer service

Product capabilities

Allows for a 32-character name

Easily add and update 32 characters with a company name or department.

No IT integration required

Simply sign up, activate your account, and provide your company name.

Call log feature

If a customer misses your call, your business name is retained in the call log.

Works anywhere in the U.S.

Inform works on 110 million U.S. mobile devices and growing.

Inform use cases

Get your calls answered when it matters most.


Confirm appointments, arrival times, and recipient availability.


Convey test results or patient care instructions.

Financial services

Verify transactions, missed payments, or application information.

Food delivery

Resolve order, location, and arrival time changes.


Complete applications, update coverage, and prevent lapsed policies.


Request callbacks for flight adjustments or return lost items.


Coordinate pick-up times/locations or return lost articles.


Adjust prescriptions, pick- up times, and instructions.


Alert customers to home alarms or installation appointments.

Get started.

Ready to give Inform a try? Contact us today so we can set up your business. Note: At this time companies that have T-Mobile as their network provider cannot use Inform programs to call T-Mobile subscribers.


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