T-Mobile certification requirements

Before any IoT device can connect to our network, it must comply with our standards for safety and acceptable performance. All devices must meet the following requirements:

Include a T-Mobile certified module or chipset
Compliance with government and regulatory standards established by the Federal Communications Corporation (FCC)
Compliance with telecom industry requirements per the PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB)

Certification process

Start your certification journey

Learn more about what to expect once you submit your device for certification on our network.

Create your account

After you’ve submitted your contact information, we’ll send you an email with account login credentials for our certification portal. You’ll also receive instructions for completing and submitting.

Submit agreements

Complete and submit required forms.

Device intake

Create a new device entry and complete and submit a questionnaire about your device. We’ll review your information and determine approval for compliance.


You’ll be assigned a T-Mobile IoT TAM who will help you with the certification process and ensure compliance with lab testing prerequisites. Deliverables, target schedules, and a timeline for ongoing status calls will be determined.

Lab testing

All prerequisites for lab entry readiness have been met and device enters T-Mobile lab validation to begin testing.

Certification granted

All lab validation testing is complete and results have been reviewed and accepted. A TA letter will be sent to you in one to two business days.

Frequently asked questions

What is T-Mobile device certification?
T-Mobile device certification is a network certification and validation process carried out on cellular devices to ensure they are compatible with the T-Mobile network and are functioning per the standards for optimum performance. The device OEMs/ODMs must obtain T-Mobile device certification for their devices that are intended to be deployed on the T-Mobile network.

Why should I certify my IoT device for use on the T-Mobile network?
T-Mobile certification for your device is mandatory if you plan to deploy it on the T-Mobile network. The goal of the T-Mobile device certification process is to ensure devices:
  • Do not harm the T-Mobile network.
  • Do not harm T-Mobile users.
  • Provide acceptable performance.
  • Help meet regulatory compliance.
  • Meet T-Mobile Device Management and LwM2M requirements.

Where can I find T-Mobile certified chipsets and modules?
T-Mobile certified chipsets and modules are available here.

How can I tell if my device is already T-Mobile certified?
T-Mobile certified devices are available here.

Will my device need to be recertified in case of a hardware or firmware change?
Updates to device hardware or firmware/application software must be communicated to T-Mobile. Updated hardware or firmware/software must be approved by T-Mobile.

What is PTCRB certification and how do I get my device PTCRB certified?
PTCRB stands for PCS Type Certification Review Board. It’s a certification program established by leading wireless operators to define test specifications and processes to ensure device interoperability on global wireless networks. With PTCRB certification, operators and device manufacturers are confident of a device’s interoperability with member mobile networks. PTCRB testing and certification is executed by PTCRB labs.

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