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Whether you’re prototyping, need hardware to complete your build, or submitting your device for certification, we’ll help you navigate our process to ensure your device is ready to run on our network:

Start building on our network

Our DevEdge IoT Developer Kit connects you to the T-Mobile network so you can start creating innovative solutions right away.

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Build with pre-certified IoT devices

Speed up certification and complete your build with T-Mobile pre-certified devices, modules, and chipsets.

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Submit your device for certification

If your IoT concept is fully built, submit it to us to start the certification process.

Get certified

Ensure optimal performance on our network.

To enable your device’s full potential, it must meet specific certification requirements before connecting to our cellular network. An important part of this involves network interoperability, which ensures devices function as intended when connected to the T-Mobile network. Certification also verifies that devices do not harm our network or create interference with other wireless devices in their vicinity.

Get certified with our straightforward process

We’ll make your journey to IoT device certification as smooth as possible and provide help every step of the way.

Sign up for an account

Submit registration details and receive account login credentials.

Submit agreements

Complete and submit required forms.

Provide device details

Fill out a questionnaire with specifics about your device.

Ensure compliance

Comply with T-Mobile lab testing prerequisites.

Undergo lab testing

Device enters lab validation stage to begin testing.

Achieve certification

Lab testing is complete with results reviewed and accepted.

Take the fast track to certification.

Speed up your IoT device certification time and accelerate your product launch—all while saving on related costs—by building with T-Mobile pre-certified devices, modules, and chipsets.


The actual equipment—e.g., a laptop, router, modem, or tracking device—that houses the module and chipset.

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Housed within a module, the chipset provides functionality—e.g., multiband support and upload/download speeds—that enables connectivity to the network.

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The component that delivers wide area radio connectivity for wireless communication between devices and the network.

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T-Mobile connectivity for every IoT use case.

We certify devices that are data-only or data-with-voice based on the following wireless technologies:


Best for devices that need long battery life and a reliable signal for transmitting small amounts of data intermittently.


Used by IoT applications that require higher speeds, like those for fleet management and asset tracking.


Ideal for a large number of mobile devices needing long battery life and connection times, but infrequently send small amounts of data.


The fastest speeds available for supporting mission-critical solutions requiring near-real-time data and high reliability.

Frequently asked questions

What is T-Mobile IoT device certification?
T-Mobile’s IoT device certification is a network certification and validation process carried out on cellular devices to ensure they are compatible with the T-Mobile network and are functioning per the standards for optimum performance. The device OEMs/ODMs must obtain T-Mobile device certification for their devices that are intended to be deployed on the T-Mobile network.

Why should I certify my IoT device for use on the T-Mobile network?
T-Mobile certification for your device is mandatory if you plan to deploy it on the T-Mobile network. The goal of the T-Mobile device certification process is to ensure devices:
  • Do not harm the T-Mobile network.
  • Do not harm T-Mobile users.
  • Provide acceptable performance.
  • Help meet regulatory compliance.
  • Meet T-Mobile Device Management and LwM2M requirements.

Where can I find T-Mobile certified chipsets and modules?
T-Mobile certified chipsets and modules are available here.

How can I tell if my device is already T-Mobile certified?
T-Mobile certified devices are available here.

Will my device need to be recertified in case of a hardware or firmware change?
Updates to device hardware or firmware/application software must be communicated to T-Mobile. Updated hardware or firmware/software must be approved by T-Mobile.

What is PTCRB certification and how do I get my device PTCRB certified?
PTCRB stands for PCS Type Certification Review Board. It’s a certification program established by leading wireless operators to define test specifications and processes to ensure device interoperability on global wireless networks. With PTCRB certification, operators and device manufacturers are confident of a device’s interoperability with member mobile networks. PTCRB testing and certification is executed by PTCRB labs.

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